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EM Single Sign On Corporate Evaluation Program

VoIP Integration EM Single Sign On (EM-SSO) is a Windows based client software solution which automatically logs users into their Cisco phone as they log in to windows.

EM-SSO is designed to increase productivity by saving employee time. Let EM-SSO sign in to the phone quickly and seamlessly, allowing your employees to be productive more rapidly.

Extension Mobility login can be cumbersome at best especially when your Cisco Unified Communications Manager infrastructure is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory. AD integrated users must key in username on the phone using the phone keypad one letter at a time. (for example john.smith would require 24 key strokes on the phone keypad)

EM-SSO can be configured to lock the phone when the computer is locked or when the screen saver is active.

No server is required in most implementations. However in cases where the client PC’s are restricted from accessing the voice network, we have an application server approach which provides either a single or redundant point of communications between the client PC’s and Cisco Unified Communications Managers.

The VoIP Integration EM-SSO application provides very flexible configuration to suit all deployment models.

User Identity Options :
  • Automatic mapping of currently logged in User Name allowing automatic logging in with users default profile.
  • User configurable Cisco Unified Communications Manager end user.

Phone Selection Options :
  • Automatic Phone Detection if PC is connected directly to phone
  • User Configurable phone by entering the current directory number as displayed on the phone.
  • Selection from a dropdown list of phones recently logged into.

Easy Deployment Options :
  • Administrator control over which options are available on client PC's
  • Command Line silent installation.
  • Terminal Server and Citrix support.

Licensing is based on the number of workstations EM-SSO is loaded on and is priced per workstation with a sliding scale for quantity volume.
Contact Sales@VoIPintegration.com to discuss licensing options.

Simplistic User Interface

The admin can decide which user features options users see, leaving the user with a clean simple pop-up interface from the system tray icon.

System Tray Icons

Simple icons in the system tray indicate the current status and allow access login/logout or open the settings display.

Administrator Settings

Advanced settings options allow the administrator to build a configuration file with granular control over behavior and user access and the user experience.
Supported Phone Models :
  • If the phone is supported by Cisco for Extension Mobility then it is supported by Extension Mobility - Single Sign On.
  • Supported model families include 69xx, 78xx, 79xx, 88xx, 89xx and 99xx.
  • Check with Cisco to verify EM support for specific models.

System Requirements:

  • Call Manager (All versons since CUCM 5)
  • Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) with Microsoft Dot Net 3.5 or greater

Operational Requirements:

  • Automatic Device Detection requires a NIC that will capture packets promiscuously
  • Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) with Microsoft Dot Net 3.5 or greater
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