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Phone Inventory Corporate Evaluation Program

Phone Inventory allows you to collect a snapshot in time of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager device configuration settings, IP addresses and physical device properties.

Collections include information such as CUCM device configurations, phone models, hardware revisions, software versions and serial numbers. These data collections can then be filtered, viewed and exported at any time allowing you to view historical data of your environment.

Phone Inventory can assist in identifying Cisco Unified Communications Manager configurations errors by providing a single display of all device configurations.


Features Include :

  • Obtains Device Model and Serial Number
  • Pulls information from Call Manager to retrieve and report on Phone Configuration Settings
  • Access hundreds of data fields
  • User configurable export filters

Phone Inventory is licensed per workstation it is installed on, a single workstation license costs only $499 and can be used to connect to and report on multiple clusters.


A free trial can be obtained by completing the evaluation request, the trial license allows full use of the application however data collection is limited to 5 devices to allow you to get 

Buy now : $499


Save multiple cluster configurations
to be able to easily switch between
multiple CUCM clusters.

Gathering Data

Run reports on an entire cluster,
device pool, or a specific model type

Data is gathered from the CUCM cluster
as well as the physical devices.

Historical Reports

Keep all of your previous reports to
be able to verify previous configurations.


Filters allow you to view just the
data that you want to see from any report.

On Screen Output

Reports can be displayed on screen
or exported to a .csv file for viewing
third party applications.

System Requirements:

Call Manager (All versons since CUCM 5)
Windows PC with Microsoft Dot Net 4.0
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